A Winter Nights Journey In Sibiu

Up the stairs with many cobble stone steps. One by one, soon we’ll be there.

Through an alley, or two, maybe your journey will take three.

Ahead are more steps to walk up and down upon.

Just around the corner there are small huts. What are these for? Oh, pretty lights in the sky too :), YAY!

Just one more turn.



And, FUN!!! Hope your journey around Sibiu Romania is just as magical if not more so. We passed by so many bars, cafe’s, restaurants, parks, monuments, statues, art pieces, kitties, puppies, birds, families, friends, and strollers which you will all see, just come visit us if you please :).

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Snow Women of Sibiu

The train goes chuchu (cho cho), threw the center of Sibiu. A snow women taking tickets, but the train doesn’t stop, only goes chu chu. “We have our tickets the passengers sing out!”

Sibiu winters, full of snow, this time of the year. The seasons are singing, soon, soon, it will be my season too. For now beautiful snow.

All seats on the train were full, all tickets ticketed. There are four more passes under the bridge, hold your breath take a wish. Make a wish.

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Tune in to the music.

Carol’s threw out the streets. Singing.

Happy Holidays :), with love from Sibiu Romania

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Snowflakes*** in and around #Sibiu

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Flakes of Snow #sibiu


Why does it flake, with snows of cheer, in a place out of all places. Here of all places, the snow that sticks, to each flake, a snowflake. On the roof, on the cobblestone, on the window chandeliers, over the clothes warming the people walking. . . some seeking cover under the canopies in front of the cafe’s. Even the cats play in the snow in Sibiu Romania. Even though cats hate rain. Cats of the snow.

  • Snow.

 It must be winter time. In the day, in the night, outside, and also with a friend inside.

  Store fronts sweeping the snow outside their entrance. Homeowners sweeping the snow outside their door entrance. Strollers sweeping the streets with their feet outside all the entrances.

 A perfect way to skate around the ice rink, with the lines not as big in the mornings, come night time, a queue time. In the center of the city, the large plaza with plenty of shops, snacks, drinks, eats, and wears. Let your friends stay in line while you buy and shop without a large fine.

*The snow still falls.*

Walk into a book store with a hidden downstairs cafe, but make sure to dust your feet. With the snow outside the floor, because the inside maybe slippery and wet. Many book stores to choose from, with a variety of treats for the eyes and mouth and the ears. Music playing, people chatting, drinking, eating, throwing snowballs.

“Throw that snowball at me and I’ll make sure to *******” two friends laughed at each other. Then the snowballs came hurling. Poof then everyone burst out giggling.



#shex #снег (ruskii translation, looks like ceks)

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